This is one of the picturesque houses of Pablo Neruda, it was inaugurated on September 18 -National day in Chile-1961, with a big party, "We always wanted to have a place in the port, where we were surrounded by Valparaiso. At last here, thanks to each of you and to our madness Sebastiana was born today. We will welcome this first day throwing open the doors for you and forever. Matilde and Pablo Neruda. "- Said the invitation.Four floors, which Neruda entered an attic, unable to contain his eagerness to be a constructor. The narrow house is full of interesting places, objects and pictures of the infinite collection Neruda, a portrait of his beloved Lord Cochrane, collections of dishes with balloons, many maps, ancient mariners, stained glass, a stuffed bird brought from Venezuela, Italian soup a splendid form of a cow, which was used for strikeouts, a table is itself a music box and watch, and walls painted in pink, blue, yellow, green, Solferino. And the large windows, skylights ship facing