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The Cirilo Armstrong hotel has been operating for several months, a different option than the current hotel offer in Valparaíso, which promises to increase the cultural character that the port has developed in recent years. An empty site overlooking the Miraflores Ravine, the Cárcel hill and in the distance the Panteón hill, was the place chosen by Elisa Assler and her husband, the architect Joaquín Velasco, to build the Cirilo Armstrong hotel. Originally, the land was bought by his parents to develop a real estate project, but over time eventually opted for a hotel, but not a typical one, since the interests, clearly were for something less commercial and that meant a contribution to the city. Both are artists and children of artists: Elisa is a visual artist and designer -and daughter of our National Art Prize, Federico Assler- and Joaquín is the son of Joaquín Velasco and Patricia Rubio, both architects and her outstanding stained glass. For this reason, art was a constant in their lives and under that premise they decided that it would be precisely the axis around which the concept of the hotel would be developed. They set aside a large common room, which gathers guests and guests, and which also contains the living room of Cyril, equipped for meetings, workshops, etc. 11 apartments, all on two floors, upstairs and downstairs, some with their own terrace, make up the bet of this boutique hotel, which are equipped with everything you need to spend a season and know what the port has to offer, to which is added the complete panorama that this couple has, including trips to nurseries in the area, excursions or tours of artists' workshops. Until now, word of mouth has worked as the best recommendation letter and reservations have not been long in coming. Tel: 318 7257. [url=] [/url] By Osvaldo Luco, photographs by Jorge Luco and Osvaldo Chadwick. [b]"Laetitia Sadier" [/b] Sep.07,2010