That's the best description of the architectural project that stands in the middle of the hills of Valparaiso. Nestled near the top of the magnificent Cerro Alegre, you will find yourself just steps away from everything marvelous and delicious in Valparaiso. At Hotel Cirilo Armstrong, some guests stay for months because we offer an exceptional breakfast and unbeatable cultural menu.

It is absolutely the work of architects, visual artists and sculptors. It has its own pace and points to a very specific target. The truth is, the best offer made by the boutique hotel is the location: at the edge of one of Valparaiso's most famous ravines. When at any given point you may look over and find a neighbor enjoying a cup of morning coffee in pajamas with their cats, all very Valpo, all very familiar and local. Joaquin Velasco and his wife, Elisa Assler, returned from Barcelona to find an empty family owned plot of land in Valparaiso. With a refined and integrating design concept, some labor and construction materials, this proposal differs from any other boutique hotel in Valparaiso. It has resulted in 11 apartments that offers passengers accomodations for long or short stays. "The audience is very diverse, says Joaquin, ranging from people staying just the night to people staying to work: filmmakers, journalists, who we accomodate for weeks and even months."


Seated in the perfect room for intimate events, you will be lurred by the tones offered in Sesiones Portenas (Port Sessiones). The best musical expressions of Valparaiso and beyond. The best example is the recital of Laetitia Sadier, the former lead Singer of Stereolab, as well as other talented musicians present their latest works here. No only will you be delighted by the hosted concerts, you can also encounter other theatre and gastronomic activities and events that are knitted tightly together. Although we only offer breakfast on our menú, there is always the possibilty of uncorking a bottle of fine wine while browsing the collections of books that are available for sale and on display. With treasures like the ones left behind by the Royal de Luxe, or the books with models of the dolls that built the Little Giant, you can not help but be delighted. Also, provided in the experience are the works and obects of Elisa Assler, the hostess herself, who before opening the hotel insisted on one condidtion: to have her own showcase. From textiles to story books illustrated by her, that are all as unique and beautiful as the hotel that she helped design.