"Living in the community of Cirilo Armstrong has really been a luxury, come true. The building brings together a feeling of comfort and modernity rarely seen in Valparaíso. Each room is an invitation to look at an intimate side of this city, you don't just get up contemplating the labyrinth of disorderly houses, but you will go to sleep lost among lights and alleys. An experience that penetrates deep in those of us who seek to live in peace. Thanks to its owners for opening this beautiful space to Valparaíso! "
Camila, 33 years old. Journalist.

"For me, Cirilo has been to live in community again, to feel that more than inhabiting an apartment, it is inhabiting a common space with the other people who live here."
Pepe, Psychologist.

"The Cyril has been a pleasant experience, it is a cozy place, it looks like a submarine, and my house looks like that of a bird, a quiet and refreshing place, good energies
Paula, Yoga instructor.

"A magical corner hidden in the hills of Valparaíso, beautiful apartments with an incredible community of neighbors, who make you feel that you are not alone."
Max, Engineer.